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Your All-Inclusive
Real Estate Benefit Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not ready to apply for a mortgage loan, but would like to talk to someone about my options, what should I do?

A: You can either call us at 817-860-3232 and ask to speak to a LegacyCare Loan Officer or you can complete the short application online here. This short application just gives the basics and no credit or social security information is required. This will be sent to a loan officer and they will return your call or email.

Q: We are thinking about selling our home, how do we contact someone to list our home?

A: Just call 817-860-3232 or email us at Joylynn.Bates@myccmortgage.com and a Realtor from our RealtyCare team will contact you.

Q: If we have found a home already, can we still go through the LegacyCare program?

A: Yes, and we can contact your real estate agent to ask them to participate in the LegacyCare benefit program. Your largest savings is from the discount from the Realtor so it is best to use a RealtyCare Realtor if at all possible as they are already tied in to offering you the 20% from their commissions.

Q: How can my employer participate in the LegacyCare program?

A: Your Human Resources Director may contact us directly at 817-860-3232 or email us at Joylynn.Bates@myccmortgage.com and a Benefits Plan Coordinator will contact them.

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