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Your All-Inclusive
Real Estate Benefit Plan

The process of buying, selling or refinancing a home can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time. LegacyCare makes it easy for you by bringing all the necessary services together in one place.

Benefits include:

  • Buy a home with minimum out-of-pocket
  • Discounted Processing Fee
  • Free Annual Mortgage fitness analysis
  • Search online for a home that's perfect for you
  • Apply online for your home loan
  • Annual Market Analysis Data for Tax Protests
  • Referral to Top Real Estate Professionals offering a 20% discount

The Process:

This step-by-step overview of the purchasing process will give you an understanding of what to expect:

Homeownership University

Educate yourself at Homeownership University. There you can learn everything from the basics of buying a first home and understanding your credit report to advanced topics such as how to successfully invest in real estate.


Your first interaction will be with our MortgageCare division. Once you have completed the Complete Loan Application, or have contacted us by phone, a member of the Mortgage Services Team will make an appointment to speak with you. If you're buying a home, you will be pre-approved for a mortgage loan, or if needed, we will provide credit counseling so that you may become a homebuyer in the future. If you are interested in refinancing, we will present you with the best options for your particular situation.


You may begin using the online home search tool right away to start building a list of homes that you would like to see. After pre-approval, your MortgageCare counselor will refer you to our RealtyCare division. A LegacyCare approved Realtor will contact you and make arrangements to take you to private showings of the homes you have chosen. Your Realtor will negotiate on your behalf, helping you purchase the home at the best purchase price.

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